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Market Research

Customer Insight Panels

Andrew Klebanow is a seasoned market research professional.  His primary research expertise is in conducting customer insight panels with casino customers.  These panels are very informative since they ask a casino’s most important customers what they like and dislike about casinos, and how casino operators can make their properties more appealing.  Customer insight panels are essential for any casino planning a property expansion, room renovation program, changes in their food & beverage program, alteration to their player rewards program or just to hear how they are doing compared to the competition.  Andrew ascribes to the fundamental belief that if you ask customers what they like and dislike about a particular casino property, those customers will tell you, in no uncertain terms.

Focus Groups

Focus groups target gaming customers residing within a given market.  Participants gamble at both the client’s casino and other properties.  Recruited from email and phone lists within the general population, participants are first screened for qualification and then polled as to their wagering habits.  Qualified candidates are then recruited to participate in a focus group.

Focus groups are conducted in either a dedicated focus group facility or if one is not available, a hotel meeting room with an adjacent observation room. 

Klebanow Consulting partners with Kolde Research in the recruitment of qualified participants with Kolde Research providing operational support.

In addition to profitability, taxes and jobs, an urban casino’s mission must also be to enhance the quality of life for those businesses and people who live near the casino, and to act as a catalyst for growth and urban regeneration.

Andrew Klebanow

Global Gaming Business Magazine 

June, 2015

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