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Lori Kolde has been in the market research industry for more than 25 years. She has held several qualitative research roles including recruiting, project management, Qualitative Vice President at two focus group facilities before opening her own research management company. 


In 2015, Lori decided to fulfill her dream of opening her own company by providing clients the high level of quality they deserve.  Lori truly believes in the value of speaking to consumers, hearing their thoughts and opinions and understanding why.    Everyone is a consumer, but every consumer isn’t a client.  However, each are equally important to each other.    The relationship between clients and consumers is so powerful and great ideas are born as long as the right team brings both together.


Lori specializes in small markets where there are no traditional focus group facilities and handles everything from recruiting, venue, videographer, host, project management and on-site coordination.


Lori Kolde Research Management is the right team to bring the two together.   We will handle your project from idea to fruition by offering personalized service tailored to fit your needs.  

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