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Consulting Services

Successful marketing does not just happen because of a drawing in the casino, some cheap meals or a catchy slogan. Successful marketing is based on thorough research of the market, realistic objectives, the development of sound strategies and the design and implementation of tactical plans that adhere to forecasted budgets.

Most important, it takes the active participation of the entire organization.

Andrew Klebanow

Indian Gaming Magazine 

November, 2009

Strategic Planning

As gaming markets evolve, it is critical that the casino enterprise plan for future expansion.  Sound master-planning, as well as preparing for the addition of new business enterprises, is essential for the long-term health of the business.  In addition to new gaming and non-gaming amenities, the casino enterprise must plan for other business opportunities.  Klebanow Consulting’s experience working on assignments in fifteen countries provides a global outlook for possible new business opportunities.

Expansion Studies

As markets mature, casinos must aggressively compete with other properties for a share of the regional gaming market.  Lodging, dining and entertainment are critical tools to foster loyalty and encourage repeat visitation.  Nevertheless, new amenities require significant capital investments.  Accurate forecasts of revenues are an essential part of the planning process.  These studies begin with customer insight panels.  The planning team then meets with property leadership to better understand the property masterplan, and how any expansion will integrate into existing operations.  Then, the consulting team conducts quantitative analysis in order to forecast future results.

Facility Planning Recommendations

Knowing what amenities to build and their quality level is another essential element of the strategic planning process.  Having evaluated nearly 1,000 casino properties, Andrew Klebanow understands what will and what will not work for a given market and can provide detailed facility planning recommendations as part of the planning process.

Independent Evaluation of Marketing Products and Systems

The selection of a casino management system is strategic decision for any casino.  These systems require a multi-million-dollar investment.  The replacement of an older legacy system can be very disruptive to the casino enterprise.  Each system has its unique attributes that may or may not be essential to a particular casino.  Similarly, marketing products such as kiosks and mobile apps may require a third-party evaluation and recommendation.  Klebanow Consulting offers an independent evaluation of casino management systems and products to assist the gaming enterprise match the system and products that best meets the needs of the casino enterprise.

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