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Klebanow Consulting brings together a team of retired casino executives and independent consultants with expertise in a variety of disciplines in order to evaluate property performance.

Operational Reviews

Operational reviews look at how a casino-hotel property is performing.  The consulting team examines casino operations, marketing, food & beverage and hospitality operations, human resources, maintenance and security.  The goal of an operational review is to provide an independent examination of property operations and to identify any gaps that may be limiting the casino property from achieving optimal performance.

Marketing Audits

Few industries devote as much expense to the marketing effort as do casinos.  The sum of all advertising and marketing expenses can easily make up thirty percent of a casino’s gaming revenue.  It is therefore imperative that marketing departments operate both efficiently and effectively. 

A marketing audit provides an independent examination of a casino’s marketing efforts.  The process starts by understanding how a casino’s current marketing department works today.  The consulting team meets with stakeholders in the casino organization, starting with senior leadership, then speaks with each member of the marketing team as well as groups of hosts and player rewards program personnel.  The consulting team then conducts a series of customer insight panels with loyal, frequent customers.  Then individual programs are examined in order to better understand how marketing works.

With an understanding of the qualitative aspects of the marketing department, the consulting team conducts a series of quantitative analyses in order to identify the amount of money that is spent on each component of the marketing effort, particularly the amount of free play that is issued to each tier of the database as well as towards casino promotions.

With a thorough understanding of both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the casino marketing effort, the consulting team is then in a position to make specific recommendations on how to improve the marketing process. 

Player Rewards Program Redesign

As markets mature, casinos often find themselves competing with other properties for a limited number of loyal gamers.  The player rewards program is the foundation of any casino’s customer relationship management program.  A player rewards program’s suite of benefits is only one component of a successful rewards program.  How tiers are structured is another critical factor.  Andrew Klebanow has helped dozens of casinos evaluate their current programs and when necessary, redesign those programs to make them more appealing to customers and more effective to casino operations.  Once again, speaking with all stakeholders including customers, marketing managers, player rewards program personnel, IT staff,  accounting personnel and casino managers is essential when evaluating and redesigning a player rewards program. 

Property Analysis


Astute operators measure precisely what the competition is giving to their premium tier customers. They design their own shopping programs, allocating money each and every month and designating trusted employees to play to levels that gain them admission to their premium tiers.

Andrew Klebanow

Indian Gaming Magazine 

September, 2013

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