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Erika Meeske Rafferty, Owner of EAM Consulting, consults to Native American and First Nations. 

Her in-depth understanding of the nuances and challenges that face Native American and First Nation

communities are built on fifteen years of gaming and hospitality consulting experience. 

Mrs. Rafferty has completed over 325 projects, working with more than 90 different tribes providing

expert analysis at varying development stages. 


Her body of work and expertise spans an impressive collection of capabilities including:

  • Expansion analysis for casinos, hotels, and all related non-gaming amenities

  • Player database evaluation including analysis, segmentation, and GIS mapping

  • Highest and best use assessments

  • Operational assessments

  • Survey and panel development and implementation for player insights

  • Marketing analyses

  • Socio and economic impact studies

  • Psychographic and industry analyses

In addition to her efforts in the Native American Division, Rafferty is highly skilled in primary market research and facilitates all aspects of the industry and database survey projects from questionnaire development and programming to survey administration and analysis.  Through a collaborative process, Rafferty can provide clients the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their specific market and customer preferences, habits, and trends to uncover valuable insights.  Her continuing contributions to numerous international, national, regional, and property-specific studies allow her to maintain a keen eye on emerging global and market-specific industry trends.

Rafferty’s dedication and passion for the hospitality and gaming industry grew from an early age.  Having been raised in the hotel and resort business, she has had life-long exposure and has spent her entire career working in these industries.  By performing various operational roles in hospitality-related sectors, she gained an enhanced knowledge of efficiencies that can be attained at a property and how departments must interact to become a cohesive operation. Rafferty’s experience in resort management has resulted in a well-honed ability to think strategically and solve complex operational problems.  Rafferty continues to produce tangible business solutions to tribal entities, owners, operators, resort investors, casinos, hotels, conference facilities, entertainment venues, spas, and restaurants.

Rafferty is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in International Studies. She is deeply involved in national, state, and regional tribal affairs and continues to be a featured speaker and panelist on relevant industry trends and topics at G2E Las Vegas, NIGA, and regional conferences. Rafferty is a member of the Global Gaming Women’s (“GGW”) Conference and Events Committee. GGW is led by women gaming executives representing diverse industry segments, organizations and geographic areas.

The GGW Board of Directors, made up of the Education Committee, Conference and Events Committee, Marketing Committee, Finance Committee and Mentorship Committee, steer the development of programs, events and educational offerings for the organization.  She is also a periodic contributor to Global Gaming Business Magazine and Tribal Government Gaming.



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