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As a boutique management consultancy, Strategic Market Advisors (“SMA”) assists clients in the casino gaming, hospitality, and leisure space to transform market dynamics and complex challenges into competitive advantages and growth opportunities. 

Like many industries, travel and leisure is as competitive as ever.  Technology is dramatically enhancing traditional operations while also disrupting their business models.  SMA overlays these and other market dynamics within the context of our clients’ challenges.  We collaboratively define goals and outline specific deliverables at the start of an engagement.  This enables SMA to focus on specific research that will drive meaningful insight and support informed decision making.

Our expertise includes financial and economic analyses and forecasting.  Our process translates clients’ specific strategies and tactics into assessments of market dynamics that support forecasted revenue and expenses, development costs, return on investment, and broader economic impacts.  These services regularly support public policy makers, regulators, operators, and investors considering legislative and regulatory questions, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and new investment opportunities.

From broad strategic questions to specific operating goals, SMA applies its cumulative experience, intellect, and insight to address its clients’ needs.  Many repeatedly engage SMA based on our professionalism and the strength of our analyses.   Our team has executed hundreds of engagements across Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Africa. 

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